Artist Statement

For many years I have created audio and video projects that often make social
and political references. I have created site-specific projects and pieces that are
hauntingly abstract. My completed works have taken a variety of forms: some are standalone audio works for distribution on CD, vinyl recording, presentation online and radio broadcast; others are significant audio and/or video components for solo and collaborative installation pieces. From 2012-2014, I created five commissioned sound scores for Atlanta choreographers.

Recently, I have focused on a series of independent video pieces. My intent with these pieces is to use sound as the primary conveyance of meaning. Images are chosen and manipulated in order to avoid clear definitions but reference and suggest events, ideas and possible connections. The experience is not, however, as if viewers hear something that is occurring outside of their field of vision. The complex and fanciful images clearly alter the reality engendered by the sound. I am also pursuing audio projects that deal with chance, happenstance and coincidence.